What’s this?

OzLockCon is the first open community event on physical security in Australia.

The conference focus is on both analogue and digital physical security systems and is open to professionals and hobbyists alike.

The 2-day event will provide a community space to share expertise on tools and techniques to learn new skills and refine existing ones.

Included are:

Our sessions will be open to all attendees, run by industry-leading instructors across a range of topics.

Our aim is to cover not only traditional physical security controls (such as locks and safes) but also access control systems (alarm systems and RFID). This will include both networked and RF devices.

We hope that all those attending find the experience both informative, engaging, and importantly, fun.

What’s the plan?

OzLockCon will be held on the 3rd–4th of June 2017 in Melbourne between 10AM to 6PM each day.

The venue, “The Comics Lounge” is located at 26 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051. There’s a Google map at the bottom of the page.

We will publish the schedule shortly after the Call for Papers & Workshops closes.


Talks will be range from 30–60 minutes long on all things physical security.

We will have some of the best talent in the world attend and present both time-honoured techniques as well as the latest research.


Workshops are run by experts who will demonstrate attacks such as:

These provide an excellent opportunity to practice and refine your skills regardless of expertise.

Workshops will run anywhere between an hour to all-weekend long without fixed class sizes.


Similar to workshops, but not hands on. These will demo advanced skills such as destructive entry techniques, safe repair, lock making, and more.


Lock-picking and handcuff evasion competitions have become increasingly popular across infosec conferences in Australia. These have usually attracted a fairly small and relatively inexperienced crowd, with familiar faces showing up at most events.

At OzLockCon we aim to find out who the best lock-picker in Australia is by testing their skills and knowledge.

More details as to the format and types of competitions will be announced closer to the date.


On the final day we will be running a panel consisting of industry leaders and various experts including law enforcement, information security professionals, industry representatives, and hobbyists.

Our panel will discuss a wide variety of topics topical to physical security and locksport as a hobby in Australia.

Venue map

Address: 26 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051


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